Under2k: Issue #2

Hurry! These will go fast

Welcome to Issue #2 of Under 2k.

It’s been a busy week. We can welcome over 400 new subs!

I have changed the format a little. Reply and tell me what you think.

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NiceNewsletters | $2500 | Has lots of backlinks but not many from good sources. May be a good idea for a newsletter based blog thought

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CountYourWords.net | $300 | A word count (90k+ search volume a month) with every possible type of word count. | Web Tool | Buy Now

pfpresizer.com | $150 | A profile Picture Resizer. Resize your picture in one click to all major social media apps. | Web Tool | Buy Now

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Freelance Business Notion Template | $500 | $100 annual revenue. Easy Profit for someone who works with notion templates often. This is a steal | Buy Now

Online Groups For Emotional Support | Price: $2000 | Rev: $500 | 125 paying customers. From what we can tell this is an easy company to get your money back with a little promotion.

FormZen | $1,000 | HTML and JavaScript forms, offering the easiest method to integrate custom contact forms, order forms, or email capture forms seamlessly into your static website |

Try Food Recipes | $2,000 | You can reach out to the buyer by email. Reply to this email if interested and I’ll provide you the contact information. | Blog

MJB | $2,500 | 706 subscribers talking about Barstool Sports. Asking $3.50 a sub. If interested reply to this email for contact information.

FreeSVGHub | $2500 | 837 Subs | This is in the SVG files niche. It’s sent out weekly with a Facebook Group of 3,800 Followers. | Reply to this email for contact information.

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