Under2k: Issue #10

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I got lots of emails from the last issue, which made me think I needed to change it up. With the help of some comments from the polls, I think I have a nice format. Let me know what you think at the end of this email.

AI Productivity Chrome Extension | Price: $920 | ARR: $230

Cannix | Price: $2,000 | ARR: $? - tool for agencies

AnnouceCraft | Price: $1,000

TerrainPassion | Price: $830 | Lifetime Earnings: $11

SubwooferGenius | Price: $1,800 | Lifetime Earnings: $1,496

PawsomeTips | Price: $850 | Lifetime Earnings: $22

GeneratorInspect | Price: $850 | Lifetime Earnings: $22

This section will be all previous weeks that are still able to be purchased.

useaiblog | Asking - $2,000 | MRR - $205

Codexplainer | $2,000 | Explains code easily

Recal Pal - $2,000 - Apple App - A Tracking app that will tell you when the FDA recalls something. Perfect for anyone in the family/health sector. Can easily upsell your readers to use this app.

Remote Jobs Board - $2,000 - An automated jobs board blog.

Simply Miniatures - $400 - Blog about creating miniature content with over 50 posts.

Finance Made Friendly | $750 | Personal Finance, business and money. Only gets 4 organic searches a month but could be leveraged to use Pinterest with a tool like pin generator as there is plenty of content. Total Posts 30. You can view them here

Mailhook.live - $1,150 - Receive emails in JSON format and connect them to your automation in Zapier or existing workflows.

Scroll Stoppers - $1,999 - 2,300 subscribers): Weekly newsletter that shows viral ads and the principles behind them, and marketing tools.

Img to Meme - $1,800 - 2,000 + Registered users

Countdown Till Christmas - $150 - A simple countdown timer that can be used with a big social media following or anything in between.

Immersive Seat | $450 - Domain name Immersive Seats, also referred to as motion seats or simulation seats, are specialized chairs specifically designed to enhance the immersive experience by synchronously moving and vibrating with media content. New

NocodeService.com | Domain name for sale $300. Good for anyone doing no code projects

Micro-Businesses.com | $450 | Possible uses: An online platform for micro-businesses. A micro-business blog or newsletter. A micro-business directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

MicroDigitalAssets.com | $450 | Possible uses: An online platform for micro digital assets. A digital assets blog or newsletter. A digital assets directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

microSaaSguide.com | $450 | Possible uses: An online platform for micro SaaS. A micro SaaS blog or newsletter. A micro SaaS directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

microSaaS.club | $450 | Possible uses: A community for micro SaaS. A course on micro SaaS. A micro SaaS blog or newsletter. A micro SaaS directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

 microSaaS.wtf |$450 | Possible uses: A blog or newsletter on micro SaaS. A micro SaaS directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

newsletters.wtf | $450| Possible uses: An online platform for newsletters. A newsletter blog. A newsletter directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

marketplaces.fyi |$450 | Possible uses: An online marketplace platform. A marketplace blog or newsletter. A marketplaces directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

Immersive Seat | $450 -brandable domain name. New

TrikeAdviser | Price: $1,000 | Lifetime Earnings: $80 - This is a steal. Won’t be listed long. Recommended Buy | New

TheWildHunter | Price: $1,800 Lifetime Earnings: $490 | **Price Drop, this won’t stay available for long at this price. New

AirsoftGarrison | Price: $1,600 | Lifetime Earnings: $852 | If you are in US, this may be a win for you as the affiliate you would use is US based. new

BeginnerFishTank | Price: $990 | Lifetime Earnings: $44 new

KitchenExplored | Price: $940 | Earned: $400 | 176 articles. Includes a Facebook Group(184 Followers) + Youtube channel(126 subs) New

SmartHouseWizard | Price: $1,640 | Earned: $176(last 4 months) - 61 Articles to date. New

WaterProofIdeas | Price: $872 | Earned: $423 | 121 articles with no published articles since 2023. This can be an easy win for anyone looking to start growing a niche site. Domain Name is 5+ years old New

Smart House Wizard - Price: $800 - Earned $176 to date and is in the smart home niche. Good revenue with over 61 articles. The owner just didn’t have time to post anymore.

Relativity | RV Marketplace

SampleWizard - $600 - Sample Anything on the internet

BookMark Manager Extension | $1000 | 57 customers. Good starter project. If you are a student can monetize by telling local students about it.

Online Groups For Emotional Support | Price: $2000 | Rev: $500 | 125 paying customers. From what we can tell this is an easy company to get your money back with a little promotion.

No Code Survey Builder - $2000 - No Rev, but not a bad price for a good tool.

Self Education Content - $1000 - Can scale this if you have a following on socials easily

Font Discoverbility Extension - $1000 - This one is great for any designer or someone who is into print on demand. It would be a perfect fit as this extension can determine what font is being used.

Random Emoji Generator - $816 - A Tool that gives you random emoji’s. Could be good for anyone who runs a content site.

PopHustles - $650 | A Weekly Side Hustle guide and deep dives. The current subscriber count is just over 640. Reply to this email if you are interested. This is now a steal at only $1 a sub.

Newsletter Exits - $200 | Niche newsletter about selling a newsletter. Perfect for interviewing on podcast and much more.

Interested in building something like this and selling it one day? Here are our recommendations.

Blogs - Bluehost

Newsletter - Beehiiv

Next.js Boilerplates - Shipfa.st

LinkedIn/Twitter(X) - Typefully

Automation - Pin Generator

The marketplace has had a slow week no new sign ups but i’m working on some ways to get more traffic and people to submit to our newsletter.

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