Under2k: Issue #3

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Welcome to Issue #2 of Under 2k.

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I am parting ways with one of my blogs thenewsletterlife.com if you are interested, please reply to this email. The site was started in June. So it’s still early and makes about $15/month. I want $2k for it. If you are interested please reply to this newsletter.

Under $100 - Starter Sites

These are sites I have created/bought & done the research for. This means they have a market, can get traffic with SEO, and require simple code to update(Most i’m building with Html, CSS, and Javascript only. Can be included in a WordPress or any personal site.

. Reply to this newsletter with any questions.

Subject Line Tester DEMO - You will get the exact code shown in the Demo. - $19 - Buy Now

Fee Calculator Demo - Boilerplate setup for a website dedicated to fee calculators. Perfect for anyone who uses etsy, ebay, amazon, PayPal. Can be monetized eventually with Adsense & other ways. $49 - Buy Now

Sleek Tactics | $1495 | This is just a domain name & can be used for Agencies. If interested reply to this email and i’ll provide you the contact information. | Domain

Plan Cruncher | $1890 | A 12-year old domain in the business niche | Domain + 126 Subscribers

WizDesk | $1865 | Possible uses: An online tutoring service. A tech helpdesk or IT solutions provider. A software collaboration platform. A coworking space. Buy Now

Clean Easyway | $2100 | Making $64 from $64 per month via Ezoic in the last 3 months | Buy Now .

Guided Pet | $1961 | Making $71/month in the last eight months + 192 articles already written. About 7k/month in organic traffic | *I have done pet blogs, they aren’t easy but if you love animals + want an easy niche to get tons of views in. Pets are it. This is a steal, as it’s been making $70 a month for a while. Start posting to Pinterest and starting a Facebook Page. You can get your money back in 6 months easily. | Buy Now

Quiz.lifehacks.life | $1,000 | Interesting concept about different quizzes. Get’s some revenue but would want to dive deeper on the claims of $300/month. But worth a look.

DetectorForMetal | Current Bid: $350 | Good niche as metal detectors are a high ticket item. A quick look at the website seems like this is a legit blog and one I would go after. I wouldn’t bet more than $600 on it though.

Maroon Chess | $2000 | Could I even keep up with you?

Do you want to start a blog from scratch? Check out this step-by-step guide

CountYourWords.net | $300 | A word count (90k+ search volume a month) with every possible type of word count. | Web Tool | Buy Now

pfpresizer.com | $150 | A profile Picture Resizer. Resize your picture in one click to all major social media apps. | Web Tool | Buy Now

Next.JS SAAS Tookit | $2,000 | Full starter kit to build SaaS products

BookMark Manager Extension | $1000 | 57 customers. Good starter project. If you are a student can monetize by telling local students about it.

Online Groups For Emotional Support | Price: $2000 | Rev: $500 | 125 paying customers. From what we can tell this is an easy company to get your money back with a little promotion.

FormZen | $1,000 | HTML and JavaScript forms, offering the easiest method to integrate custom contact forms, order forms, or email capture forms seamlessly into your static website |

Try Food Recipes | $2,000 | You can reach out to the buyer by email. Reply to this email if interested and I’ll provide you the contact information. | Blog

PicAIso | $1000 | An AI Portrait Generator. This is a big niche that has potential to blow up if you market it correctly for example; focus only on Linked In(I have not paid to test the tool to see if it works…FYI). Reply to this email if you are interested.

MJB | $2,500 | 706 subscribers talking about Barstool Sports. Asking $3.50 a sub. If interested reply to this email for contact information.

FreeSVGHub | $800 | 837 Subs | This is in the SVG files niche. It’s sent out weekly with a Facebook Group of 3,800 Followers. | Reply to this email for contact information.

PopHustles - $1200 | A Weekly Side Hustle guide along with deep dives. The current subscriber count is just over 640. Reply to this email if you are interested.

Bytes Of Tech | $200 | 283 subs in the tech niche. Reply with whatever one you are interested in.

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