Under2k: Issue #7

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Another Week… Another Action-packed issue.

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This is a sad/happy week, to say the least…

First, I lost my job. I have been in corporate America for over 14 years now. Getting laid off stinks because you work so hard for what? Someone to say we need to cut people. Let’s cut the guy with three kids under 2.

Anyway… I am taking it as a sign. i’ve made a few $ from this awesome community we are building and it’s given me the drive to push forward and build something great here. Another reason to move forward with under 2k is to build out the best free marketplace possible.

I will never charge for you to get access to sellers. I most likely won’t ever make you “login” to get access to sellers(I always hated this). If you haven’t checked out the website this week. I’ve been busy at work.

It’s cleaner, simple, and gets you the answers you want faster.

Just like other freemium models, you can, of course, upgrade this wonderful experience with two options.

  1. Yearly - $29/year(upgrade)

  2. Lifetime - $97(upgrade)

These will get you contact information faster(working on an automation for this so it will be within minutes), help you get started with your project with my monthly boilerplates, and if you upgrade to lifetime amazing promotional deals like free listings on this newsletter and a featured spot on the website for every project you do.

One last thing before we get started with this weeks newsletter.

I built something I think will go viral in the newsletter space, and I will allow anyone to take it over.

Whoever buys it first gets it, along with my vision and the 20+ submissions I received from 1 tweet. I also will share with you how you can monetize from day 1.

If no one buys within the first 48 hours, i will remove this and will grow it myself. For this price, I know you will be profitable within a month.

ok now to the good stuff.

Under $100 - Starter Sites

These are sites I have created/bought & done the research for. This means they have a market, can get traffic with SEO, and require simple code to update(Most i’m building with HTML, CSS, and Javascript only. Can be included in a WordPress or any personal site.

. Reply to this newsletter with any questions.

Your Water Intake - $75 - A calculator on how much water you should drink. | Reply to this email for seller information

Womenley - A makeup focused blog. May be worth a gamble at $100. | $100

RateMyNFT $99 - Crypto is coming back. Have a following in the NFT space? This silly website may be a gold mind for your followers. Go viral today. | $100 | reply to this email for more details.

Stanley Reviews $99 - A blog reviewing every single Stanley product. Could be an easy win with good returns. Reply to this email for more information

**This new section includes the most viewed items on our marketplace. Check it out at https://under2k.net and submit yours here

Stagflix - $1500 - Blog - Reply to this email for more information.

MicroDigitalAssets.com - $990 - Domain - Reply to this email for contact information

Recal Pal - $2,000 - Apple App - A Tracking app that will tell you when something is recalled by the FDA. Perfect for anyone in the family/health sector. Can easily upsell your readers to use this app.

Simply Miniatures - Blog around miniature making things - 50 blog posts. Asking $400. Reply to this email for contact info.

TheNewsletterLife.com | $1,200 | Making around $100/month from affiliates. Reply to this email for contact information.

Finance Made Friendly | $750 | Personal Finance, business and money. Only gets 4 organic searches a month but could be leveraged to use Pinterest with a tool like pin generator as there is plenty of content. Total Posts 30. You can view them here

Mailhook.live - $1,150 - Receive emails in JSON format and connect them to your automation in Zapier or existing workflows.

Scroll Stoppers - $1,999 - 2,300 subscribers): Weekly newsletter that shows viral ads and the principles behind them, and marketing tools.

Img to Meme - $1,800 - 2,000 + Registered users

Sleek Tactics | $1495 | This is just a domain name & can be used for Agencies. If interested reply to this email and i’ll provide you the contact information. | Domain

WizDesk | $1865 | Possible uses: An online tutoring service. A tech helpdesk or IT solutions provider. A software collaboration platform. A coworking space. Buy Now

NocodeService.com | Domain name for sale $300. Good for anyone doing no code projects

ProGPT - Current Bid $500 - Really good domain name.

Micro-Businesses.com | $990 | Possible uses: An online platform for micro-businesses. A micro-business blog or newsletter. A micro-business directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

MicroDigitalAssets.com | $990 | Possible uses: An online platform for micro digital assets. A digital assets blog or newsletter. A digital assets directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

microSaaSguide.com | $990 | Possible uses: An online platform for micro SaaS. A micro SaaS blog or newsletter. A micro SaaS directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

microSaaS.club | $990 | Possible uses: A community for micro SaaS. A course on micro SaaS. A micro SaaS blog or newsletter. A micro SaaS directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

 microSaaS.wtf | $990 | Possible uses: A blog or newsletter on micro SaaS. A micro SaaS directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

newsletters.wtf | $990 | Possible uses: An online platform for newsletters. A newsletter blog. A newsletter directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

marketplaces.fyi | $990 | Possible uses: An online platform for marketplaces. A marketplaces blog or newsletter. A marketplaces directory. Hit Reply for Contact Information

Helmets Lab | $800 | Starter site in a expensive niche that can earn you nice payouts on affiliate links. | Buy Now .

Guided Pet | $1800 | Making $71/month in the last eight months + 192 articles already written. About 7k/month in organic traffic | Buy Now

IonizerHub | $2000 | Making $100/month from air purifiers. Looking at Ubersuggest it seems to ranking for a decent amount of keywords. DYOR, but this may be a steal. Tons of articles as well. Profitable niche | Reply to this email if interested.

Men’s Clobber - $200 - A blog about men’s fashion that has over 80 articles. Buy Now

GetFogMachine - $1000 - 6+ year domain has made $144 to date. | Buy Now

Settingsmag- 1+ year tech site has made $150+ to date. I like this one because it’s an interesting niche with lots of potential. $800 | Buy Now

Smart House Wizard - Price: $800 - Earned $176 to date and is in the smart home niche. Good revenue with over 61 articles. Owner just didn’t have time to post anymore.

Sublimation.Studio -Price: $1400 - Profit $257 to date with ads only starting in the last 3 months. May be a good bet. as you can recoup your investment hopefully within a year.

Home Garden Bloom -Price: $800 - Profit $3/month - Home Garden and gardening in general are one of the best niches to get into. The fact that this is making money already and getting only 300 views a month is great. You can easily grow this into an insane site one day.

Do you want to start a blog your own blog? Follow this step-by-step guide

Welm - $500 - This one is going fast and may not be there for to long but had to share. It’s an organization tool for all your to do’s. Has an audience already of 5,000 plus users. Check It Out

Sitekard - $199 - A community on Telegram for designers. 190 community members.

CountYourWords.net | $300 | A word count (90k+ search volume a month) with every possible type of word count. | Web Tool | Buy Now

BookMark Manager Extension | $1000 | 57 customers. Good starter project. If you are a student can monetize by telling local students about it.

Online Groups For Emotional Support | Price: $2000 | Rev: $500 | 125 paying customers. From what we can tell this is an easy company to get your money back with a little promotion.

FormZen | $1000 $500! | HTML and JavaScript forms, offering the easiest method to integrate custom contact forms, order forms, or email capture forms seamlessly into your static website |

Try Food Recipes | $2,000 | You can reach out to the buyer by email. Reply to this email if interested and I’ll provide you the contact information. | Blog

No Code Survey Builder - $2000 - No Rev, but not a bad price for a good tool.

Self Education Content - $1000 - Can scale this if you have a following on socials easily

Font Discoverbility Extension - $1000 - This one is great for any designer or someone who is into print on demand. It would be a perfect fit as this extension can determine what font is being used.

Random Emoji Generator - $816 - A Tool that gives you random emoji’s. Could be good for anyone who runs a content site.


MJB | $2,500 | 706 subscribers talking about Barstool Sports. Asking $3.50 a sub. If interested reply to this email for contact information.

FreeSVGHub | $500 | 837 Subs | This is in the SVG files niche. It’s sent out weekly with a Facebook Group of 3,800 Followers. | Reply to this email for contact information.

PopHustles - $650 | A Weekly Side Hustle guide along with deep dives. The current subscriber count is just over 640. Reply to this email if you are interested. This is now a steal at only $1 a sub.

Newsletter Exits - $350 | Niche newsletter about selling a newsletter. Perfect for interviewing on podcast and much more.

Want to start a newsletter for free? Follow this step by step guide

You can now browse all listings on our website @ https://under2k.net 

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